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What is your name? nolan kinzie
Where are you from? pike lake
How did you find this website? superb
Any Comments? superbly fabulous
What is your name? Jordan Jacobs
Where are you from? Rockglen, SK
How did you find this website? Searching for fullblood Maine-Anjou cattle in SK
Any Comments? Fullblood is where its at. My family has a fullblood Maine-Anjou bull in our herd who sires my 4-H steers and I always see the difference from our Angus and Charolais cattle. Love the breed and respect you and commend you for keeping fullbloods instead of going with the black "purebred" trends! Thanks!
What is your name? Kelly Kaufmann
Where are you from? Lake Alma, Sask.
Any Comments? After dealing with you folks, can't see why anyone would want to go any further. Excellent experience and excellent people who know their business. Thanks again.
What is your name? kevin devore
Where are you from? sabetha,kansas
How did you find this website? searching for maine anjous on yahoo
Any Comments? nice set of maines u got.
What is your name? Jennifer Peters
Where are you from? michigan
How did you find this website? googling
Any Comments? This breed Is my favorite what a great structured animals
What is your name? Neil Drader
Where are you from? Victoria, BC
Any Comments? What the hell, came across your site and just gotta say hi! glad to see you are still in the business!!!
What is your name? JOE HENDERSON
Where are you from? texas, leesville
How did you find this website? goggle fullblood maine anjou breeders
Any Comments? I was looking up fullblood maine anjou and it popped your site up as a breeder. Well out of all the site of maine anjou i seen i love the way you take care of your cattle. Your cows look great with a nice calf at their side. I like your web site and loved your cattle. I am hoping i can purchase some from you in the future bulls and heifers. keep up the good work .
What is your name? Kelly Kaufmann
Where are you from? Lake Alma, Sask.
How did you find this website? Google Search for Breeders
Any Comments? Very good site. We raise black angus and have been crossing with horned hereford and have thought about trying your breed to cross on these females. What do you think?
What is your name? Reimund lesen
Where are you from? Germany Bad Wünnenberg
Any Comments? WE wish a Happy new year Good cattle ! Mr Graham
What is your name? Don Kazmierski
Where are you from? DALTON GEORGIA USA
How did you find this website? search engine
Any Comments? very goood cattle.
What is your name? Morham Maine's
Where are you from? Australia
How did you find this website? Engine search on breed
Any Comments? Your Maine's look great, my husband and I love the breed, and have been promoting the breed for 5 years now, we have found them to calf very easy and have very pleasant temperaments.
What is your name? Harold McKee
Where are you from? Harriston, Ontario - Canada
How did you find this website? Using the web brouser and your sale cataloug
Any Comments? Hi. Garry I was looking for the pictures of the cattle in your sale. I used the address you provided, and was not successful with it can you help me with it. Regards Harold Mckee
What is your name? James Ricker
Where are you from? Poughkeepsie NY
How did you find this website? Your card and talking with you and Sandi
Any Comments? Well all of the picture are GREAT you are Breeder of Fullblood cattle also a GREAT HUNTING guide you keep up the great work looking forward to the this year hunt. your friend Jim
What is your name? Danny Cozine
Where are you from? Calgary (via Regina)
Any Comments? Hello Sandy and Gary, Hope autumn is finding you well. Hope the hunting season is a success for you. Mom and Dad loved their visit. I would love to come for a visit as well, perhaps next spring or summer. Bye for now!
What is your name? Fran Gross
Where are you from? Regina
How did you find this website? babinplanet
Any Comments? Just wanted to say "Hi" Sandy and Gary. Hope all is well.
What is your name? Calvin Douglas
Where are you from? delburne ab
How did you find this website? search engine
Any Comments? I'm a 14 yearold fullblood enthuiast.
What is your name? Mike Morris
Where are you from? Fairfield, MT
Any Comments? Check out another Loulou son that Gary raised:
What is your name? Tyler Cassidy
Where are you from? Wainwright, Alberta
How did you find this website? Your Buisness Card
Any Comments? You have a nice Wrbsite!
What is your name? kelly lambert
Where are you from? gilmer,tx
How did you find this website?
Any Comments? you have an excellent site on information but you need more pictures!!!!
What is your name? jeff townsend
Where are you from? dansville michigan
How did you find this website? web search
Any Comments? i have a few fullbloods and am alway,s looking for information on how and what bull,s to us on my females. i have mostly cunia blood lines and afew star michal. nice to see photo,s of older sire,s .i would like see more photo,s of older cow,s