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Welcome to the great breed of Maine-Anjou cattle. We have bred the real Maine-Anjou since 1970 and continue to be impressed with all the great quality of the breed. It is a breed that crosses well on every other breed, I would even say it truly is the ultimate breed for crossbreeding! Having said that it also offers a tremendous set of females as purebred or fullblood cattle. For ourselves we have sold cattle to people in 10 different U.S. States. We have calves born recently in Brazil, Germany, Australia and New Zealand. Our bulls and females sell from British Columbia to Ontario, Canada as well. Call us, you'll be glad you did.

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Gary's Blurb
2013-11-05 21:03:45

Welcome to the website of Manitou Maine-Anjou. We have been involved in breeding Maine-Anjou cattle since 1970. Ever since my first trip to France in 1972, I have always been sold on the characteristics of the breed. Going back to France in 2008 confirmed again the amazing capacity for beef production with this breed of cattle.
In our present situation in North America with low cattle numbers and high feed costs, Maine-Anjou offer a large carcass at a young age combined with our proven best in feed conversion characteristics. Slaughter plants have upped the weight of carcass size due to lower numbers of cattle on feed and in the forty plus years of Maines on test in Canada we have proven time and time again that feed conversion and rate of gain are synonymous with the full blood genetics of Maine-Anjou cattle. Therefore Maine-Anjou genetics fit the bill.
In North America we have this insane way of judging cattle, which has been based on solid coloured animals. Only in North America is this ridiculous attempt by solid colour to select for quality or performance. Elsewhere in the world this is non-existent. Coloured cattle are take advantage of in pricing because of this. However the reality of using red and white Maine-Anjou cattle on other breeds results in solid coloured animals, which in fact has become a detriment as a breed. Maine-Anjou genetics have been hidden in untold thousands of cattle over the decades which have sold under the mistaken identity of other breeds. When these same cattle have proven profitable in feedlots it is undoubtedly the Maine-Anjou that rarely get the recognition.
Many cattle breeders have never used Maine-Anjou bulls. The high pressured promotion of Angus cattle has many thinking they are the only answer. However, full blood Maines will outperform and outbreed Angus always. Full blood Maine-Anjou on Charolais, Hereford and Simmental cows make excellent crosses and super cows. When used on Black Angus cows this is the cross that started the big demand in the U.S. for big solid-coloured jet black steers as well.
In the past year we have had full blood calves born in Brazil plus we have sent semen to Australia and New Zealand, and embryos to Australia and Germany. We have sold cattle in the past few years to 8 different U.S. states to 14 different breeders and have sold cattle across Canada. We have as good a cow herd as anywhere and welcome visitors anytime.