About Manitou Maine-Anjou

Welcome to the great breed of Maine-Anjou cattle. We have bred the real Maine-Anjou since 1970 and continue to be impressed with all the great quality of the breed. It is a breed that crosses well on every other breed, I would even say it truly is the ultimate breed for crossbreeding! Having said that it also offers a tremendous set of females as purebred or fullblood cattle. For ourselves we have sold cattle to people in 10 different U.S. States. We have calves born recently in Brazil, Germany, Australia and New Zealand. Our bulls and females sell from British Columbia to Ontario, Canada as well. Call us, you'll be glad you did.

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Thank you!
2013-11-05 21:03:45

First of all, we want to thank all our buyers from our Dec. 16th female sale for making it such a success in spite of the frigid weather that day! Thank you DLMS also for their professionalism. Since then we have delivered a load of cattle from the sale to South Dakota that were bound for Nebraska and Texas. And we have another load of 24 females going to Texas on the 30th of Jan. Calving season is just around the corner and we are getting ready. We have a great selection of bulls here, yearlings and 2 year olds. Give us a call, you won't be disappointed.